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Introduction to Inktense Pencils

Introduction to Inktense Pencils

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Derwent Inktense pencils are a great way to enhance fabrics or create textile artwork from scratch. In this class we will open up the pencils and explore different mediums to enhance your artwork using these pencils.

Brenda will help you create a sampler using different mediums for you to take use as a reference tool. Then, we will create colorful blocks that can be used in a quilt or as labels. These pencils are so versatile from soft and subtle to bold and vibrant, there’s a whole world of possibilities to enhance your fiber art projects!

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18 x 9” White fabric*
18 x 9” Freezer paper*
Derwent Intense Pencils
Pentel Gel Roller or Micron 05 Pigma Pen*
Aloe Vera Gel*
Jaquard Textile Medium*
Paint Pallet*
Spritzer Bottle*
Paint Brush*
Glue – Washable clear school glue*
Squeeze bottle*
Ric rac* or fabric scrap
Page labeling diagram/Picture to trace*
Pencil Sharpener*
Cardboard or paper scrap
Surface protector, such as newspaper, cardboard or wipeable tablecloth
Water container – I like a jelly jar, they have a heavy bottom and don’t tip over easily
Shavings catcher – whatever you have on hand or sharpen over the trash can
Paper towels or cleaning cloth
Old shirt to protect your clothing.
Scissors/rotary cutter
Needle and thread

*Included in Optional Kit

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