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Clear Blue Tiles Expansion Set

Clear Blue Tiles Expansion Set

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The Clear Blue Tiles Expansion set allows you to use Clear Blue Tiles in a larger hoop size. INcludes larger Clear Blue Tiles and two water-soluable markers. This is the expansion set, and requires the Clear Blue Tiles Essentials set to be used. 

Quilt your projects in-the-hoop with professional results! With Kimberbell Clear Blue Tiles™, it’s easy to stitch through a quilt sandwich of top fabric, batting, and back fabric. Choose allover quilting for a continuous flow, or customize each block with a different design! Because they have the same scale, you can use a variety of tiles on the same project. If you love traditional quilting and would love to do it on your embroidery machine, Kimberbell Clear Blue Tiles are the solution you’ve been waiting for.

The Clear Blue Tiles system includes a variety of Finished Block Tiles and Finished Border Tiles that coordinate with Kimberbell background quilting designs. To use them, simply:

  • Prepare your quilt sandwich with top fabric, batting, and back fabric.
  • Choose a tile and place it on the top of your fabric.
  • Use the included water-soluble pen to mark the center dot, crosshairs, directional arrow, sides, and corners of the tile.
  • Write the size of the tile in the little window (as shown above).
  • If desired, continue marking your entire top with a variety of tiles.

Pick the embroidery file that matches the tile size and load into your machine (make sure orientation matches the directional arrow).

Hoop and quilt your project in-the-hoop! (Note: Each tile will need its own hooping.)



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