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Baby Lock Magnetic Frame 130mm x 180mm (5 x 7)

Baby Lock Magnetic Frame 130mm x 180mm (5 x 7)

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For use on single needle embroidery machines, the Magnetic Frame is the perfect accessory for embroidering. The magnets make it super easy to reposition your fabric for multiple hoopings, making it a must have for quilting or large embroidery designs! This 5" x 7" hoop slides easily into the module of your Baby Lock machine. Can be used on the following models hoop after update.


Fits BLSA, BLSA2, BLTA, BLMA, BLAE, BLPF, BLTY, BLJY in August 2021.


Fits BLMAV, BLMAV2, BLMFO, BLMFO2 upon update in September 2021.


Fits BLDY, BLDY2 upon update in October 2021.

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