Misty Fuse 2.5 Yard Package


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Misty Fuse is an environmentally friendly fusible that is solvent free and recyclable. It’s been extruded to a very fine web to create a lasting bond without adding bulk. No extra adhesive to gum up your needles. It is suitable for a wide variety of fabrics from velvets and cottons to delicate tulles and silk organzas. The fusible is made from 100% thermoplastic adhesive polymer resin. Misty Fuse is a dream to work with it handles well, is sheer and doesn’t add bulk to your fused piece and bonds firmly once cooled. The 10 Yard Misty Fuse offers a discount over the regular by the yard price it is cut directly from the bolt. You will receive a Misty Fuse instruction card with your order.

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