Fiskars Rotating Cutting Mat 14×14


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Fiskars Rotating Cutting Mat 14 IN x 14 IN self healingnnRotating design makes cutting fabric squares faster and easier!nnOur Rotating Cutting Mat makes squaring off large quilting blocks up to 12.5″ or cutting out appliqué quicker and more convenient. It features a self healing mat with an easy to read measuring grid, plus bias lines to make accurate shape cutting hassle free.nn· 14″ x 14″ mat rotates to help you cut squares of fabric at easier anglesnn· Self healing mat provides a cutting surface that lasts longer than othersnn· Easy to read measuring grid makes accurate measurements a snapnn· 30 , 45 and 60 degree bias lines make creating triangle and star shapes easynn· Store flat away from sunlight, heat and coldnn· Clean with warm water and mild soapnn· Lifetime warranty

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