What to do first

No need to baste your quilt!

The top, backing and batting are put on the quilt frame separately.

All threads should be trimmed from your quilt—they can catch in the machine and cause holes.

Backing and batting should be at least 6” bigger than your quilt top on all sides.

Press and square up your quilt backing. Mark the top of the quilt and backing.

We all make mistakes when making our quilt tops. Sometimes quilting can magnify piecing errors. Please remember that puckers and “wavy” borders cannot be quilted out. If your quilt doesn’t lay flat before quilting, it will not lay flat after.



Quilting is charged by the square inches. Prices increase with the complexity of the quilting, and starts at 1.5¢/inch.

There is a minimum charge of $35.00 per quilt.

There is an additional fee of $35 for piecing backings.


Backing & Batting

We carry a variety of 108” cotton backing fabrics.

We also carry a variety of batting:

  •    80/20 (80% Cotton, 20% Poly)
  •    100% Cotton
  •    Washable Wool
  •    Low and Extra loft Poly

Please call for prices on backing and batting. Other backings and batting may be available.